A Prototype I was working on when I noticed that the Wowie Jam 2 was started, so I uploaded it :)



Due to a strange bug, the game cannot go to a menu scene, a pause menu, or any screen other than the actual game screen. when you lose, it restarts at the same screen, again and again and again. the poor squishy creature thing needs to run endlessy for endless times!
That's why the game is called "Literally Endless Runner"!


well, well, I know, a silly idea...
it's just a prototype that I was working on(During the time o the jam, it took me about 4 hours to make), when I noticed that the jam is started, so I made some builds and submitted it.

Hope you all enjoy it :)



Up/Down arrows, for moving Up/Down Obviously!



Sorry for the UI problem in the web version, it works fine for windows version...

And the android version is the most polished one:



Windows.rar 16 MB
Android.rar 17 MB


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Bro, can you give me some code for controls on mobile i mean swiping up and down

I wish I now where that project was saved 😅 I would give you a copy, sorry for that...

Did you use Blackthornprods tutorial, looksalmost identical (meaning backround, player, color palette). BUT still its AMAZING!

Very nicely done! The only small complaint I have is that the .rar format for the Android version is annoying, not all file managers support it. Just an .apk would’ve been nicer.

Hi, thanks for playing... I don't know what you exactly mean, cause it is an .apk file 😅


A simplistic game, but very solid execution.
Often time people overshoot with they goals for a game jam game and then they lack in polish.
It is great to see a game focusing more on getting the things right that it offers.
Hope to see more in the future.

Thanks for your motivating comment  Believing-Gamedev :)


Simple and fun.. the visuals and the art are great

Highscore: 972

Very simple game but still fun.

Ooow good job!

Consider rating the game please :)

Thanks for playing VISE :)


Consider trying my game out


Of course :)